OT: Hunter's and Land Owners...need advice

  • Although a little pricey u could get one of the satellite link cameras. Photos sent straight to your computer and then if they steal it u can prosecute for theft as well as tresspassing. Just be sure to set up using a ladder so it is harder to reach, and try to set so they have to be in front to take down so u get a face shot. U can try putting up posted signs with a ladder too, will help reduce the removal. Might even set your camera up on an accessible sign so u can catch them ripping it off. Hard for law enforcemrnt to ignore evidence and if they do then definitely do the letter to the editor. Heck see if they will publish the pics, public embarassment might help. Or hang pics in highly visible public areas with a note stating their offenses. Good luck. Took us a while to get control of ours, and still occasionally have some.