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My thoughts on this class

  • I know a lot of people have their own posts, but I post every few weeks and am excited so f^&k it, I am going to do this thing live.

    QB position
    1. I am not upset at all that we didn't get Tanner. I think if we did it would have been a waste. IF we could have gotten the kid in the early signing period I would have absolutely taken him and been extremely excited about it. I think he would have created more problems than solutions coming in with a couple months to run the offense. I think if we had told him "yes you will be our starter he would have been here in a heartbeat. We invested too much into Ford and see a ton of upside in him, why would we risk that.

    2. I like Rawlins and doubt he will move positions. I think Holg's reasoning was pretty accurate. I think the staff is comfortable with Ford as a pro style QB so why not bring in a different wrinkle on our offense instead of bringing in the same old type that we have on our roster right now. He might be a project and may never play but it seems like our main targets for next year are Pro Style QBs so why not bring in a more athletic kid and see what he can do.

    Playmakers (Offense)
    Not much to say here other than this is the position that really excites me. I like Smith a ton at RB with his size and speed. I HOPE Coleman can make it into this class because think about how scary it would be to have him on the field with Gibson and Alford. The not only speed but quickness of those guys on the field is INSANE. None the less if he doesn't make it in Gibson, White, Alford and Carswell could all come in and make a pretty solid starting 4 at WR. Imagine if Bailey had stayed back and we did have a QB we felt a little more comfortable in than Millard or a young Ford.

    Offensive line
    I think the O-Line pickups were great. It seemed to me that a lot of people's expectations of our recent olines have been a little unrealistic. They were extremely undersized and a lot of the time our team was one dimensional especially when we fell behind early which makes it extremely hard to pass block. I think a lot of our backs lacked vision which was exposed when Tavon got the ball in the back field. He made them look like an NFL line against high school kids. It seems like we have been adding some solid size and I would say by 2014 we should be able to move bodies.

    Defensive line
    I love Hyman. He is big and athletic and can play in a few spots. I agree that I wish we got another player similar to him, I was kind of sad to see Jame's sign with Illinois but we do have a lot of young guys. Don't forget we still have the opportunity to get Stacy Thomas which well.. I am just gonna say it.. would really get my dick hard. Also now it seems like we have the necessary depth where we can redshirt and develop players like Gross and have them play at their fullest ability.

    Love, love, love this group... I would like to see Howard stay at ILB to be honest, I could see him and Benton starting together on the inside by their sophmore/junior seasons and both being prototypical NFL linebackers. The kids we added with length and speed is going to help a ton in not only rushing the passer but with dropping into throwing lanes and creating it much harder for QBs to complete intermediate passes. We have a few linebackers that are 6'4+ running around a 4.5.. That shiz is bananas.

    I see a lot of people posting about how they wish we had more corners. We have some young guys that can develop and I think lane could be good if he gets his stuff together 6'2 with solid speed but also if I am not mistaken some of these safteys we brought in can move to corner and might even be better in that position.

    Special teams
    Love getting these specialists with so little risk. How many times have special teams helped us? Also how much solid depth do we have to fill our special teams so that players like Steadman Bailey don't have to be on kickoff? This is something I was hoping would be done but did not think would be done so well.

    I know we may have barely squeaked into the top 25 on some sites and just be outside on others but this class is EXACTLY what we needed. From top to bottom we filled a ton of holes, created some competitive depth but lastly manufactured some relationships to put ourselves into position to attain a better class next year. This year we got some kids we would not have offered in the past and moved the median recruit level up to a new level. I think next year now that we have some depth will be about getting the kids we want and may not have even tried for this year. This recruiting class can change our program in my opinion. A lot of people say 2014 will be the year to make a run at the BCS and I do not disagree but I think 2015 when these kids are Juniors and last year's class is seniors will be a scary fun year for us.


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