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? for Chris, or for the board.

  • Do y'all if the dude of WV, or MHver3 have the souces at WVU to support their claim on the college football expansion rumors? Thanks.


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  • MarineMountie

    No. The Dude is batting right around .125, and that is because one of his guesses were right.

    He just throws stuff against the wall, people eat it up, and he hopes that it sticks. If it doesn't its because "things took a different turn at the last second".

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    Elize Ryd

  • I've said this before on another forum, but the Dude has an insanely good source I know for a fact he used to post his info strictly on the Gunners Lair which is a private access board and he was ahead of anything coming into the media. Along with that, it's known that anything he's told is going to be put out there for consumption, he therefore is somewhat of a puppet. He gets used like the newspapers or television reporters as a mouthpiece for the program. He's obviously a lot looser with what he says and his presentation. So his information is from a great source, but it needs to be taken with a grain of salt because any "leaked" info to him is leaked for a purpose. And trust me our Athletic Dept. doesn't give a shit about keeping the fans informed by him, they give a shit about keeping public opinion in their favor. MHver and Eerlaw are two others that have decent information. But again you got to wonder why the information is being given to them. Some of the stuff they discuss is information that maybe 2 people at WVU are privy to, you think it's not obvious to them where it's coming from when it shows up on a message board? Also when they discuss the innerworkings of the football team and stuff like MHver going off about Dunlap scripting practices and 1's vs 1's and all that is COMPLETE BS. They know some general information on the expansion stuff that the general public doesn't know, but they're nowhere near as informed as they lead you to believe.

    TL;DR There's three guys with good sources, but the intent of the information they're given is untrustworthy.