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Working Hard Through Tough Times

There’s no way around it: losing a game is tough. Losing back to back games is even tougher. Losing four games in a row with a bye week crammed in the middle is, well…. what West Virginia is going through right now.

"It is not a lot of fun for anybody," Holgorsen said about the losing streak.

Naturally, it hasn’t been easy.

“It is not a lot of fun for anybody,” said head coach Dana Holgorsen at his weekly press conferece. “(But) we put in a long day Sunday, and we put in a very long day (Monday), and we are going to put in a very long day today (Tuesday).”

“That is the only way you are going to get out of a losing streak.”

Although the spirits may be down, Holgorsen says everyone is still working hard and they’re still making progress.

“We understand what the challenges are, and we are realistic with them and recruiting hard, and we are managing the team hard,” said Holgorsen. “When we are in the weight room, we are lifting weights hard, not us personally, but the team. There is only one way to get on track, and there is only one way that you can win in college football. I don’t care what conference you are in. The only way you win is by hard work, (and) we are going to work hard.”

Despite the results on the field recently, Holgorsen hopes that the fan base recognizes that time and effort the coaches and players are putting in and will come out and rally behind the team against Oklahoma.

“We encourage everyone to come support the team,” he said. “We will get back to work and we’re looking forward to a good week of working and then a great atmosphere Saturday night in Morgantown.”

The response to the hard work during tough times hasn’t been entirely positive, though. Travares Copeland and Ivan McCartney have already left the team while rumors of others to follow fester on the message boards.

Holgorsen put to rest the talk about Pat Miller, stating that he was still on the team and they were planning to use him in the game on Saturday. As for the others, starting running back Andrew Buie had a few words on that Tuesday night.

“The guys that are here are guys that want to be here,” he said. “We’re not quitters. We just want to keep working hard and hope for the best.”

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