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Williams, Eers Ready to Brawl

With the Mountaineers desperate for a win against Texas Tech, Devin Williams will need to deliver a big time performance in front of the home crowd. Williams enters the game averaging 9.6 points per game and 7.6 rebounds with five double doubles, already the fifth most by a WVU freshman.

Williams is ready to "brawl a little bit" down low.

After the last game against the Red Raiders, Williams knows this game will be another tough task but feels the comfort level should be better.

“Second time around when we play Texas Tech I think I should be more comfortable, and we should be more comfortable as a team,” he added. “I think the second time around it’s not going to be any easier but I might be a little more comfortable because I know what to expect I know some player tendencies.”

Mountaineer fans should be excited to hear that since the last three games have been anything but comfortable to watch.

On the matchup itself, Williams notes the strengths of Texas Tech, “I think Texas Tech they're a good all-around team; I think they share the ball pretty well amongst each other.”

At times the energy level and rebounding from this young team has come under fire and the freshman noted that, “It’s a constant thing; it has to happen every day. It has to happen in practice, which will carry over to the game, but it’s a physical league so you have to have physical play.”

Williams has had his share of ups and downs early on this year but that should have been known from such a young player. The front court depth for WVU is depleted and recent games the results haven’t always been good for the freshmen. When asked if the Big 12 play is anything different from what he expected Williams responded, “To tell you the truth I didn’t know what to expect. But yeah it definitely is, it’s an eye opener but at the same time I came to this school, and knew what conference I was gonna be in, kind of knew what kind of programs I would be playing against.”

WVU is in a must win situation to salvage this once promising season and there is only one way for them to do that.

“The mindset has to be to come out focused and be ready to get down there and brawl a little bit,” said Williams.

That physical and rough style of play that is known from past Huggins teams has been lacking this year, but tonight against Texas Tech, the Mountaineers can show the Coliseum they still have some fight this year.

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