WVU-Texas: Postgame Quotebook

Juwan Staten, Terry Henderson and Eron Harris talk with the media after West Virginia's loss to Texas.

Henderson says he felt like WVU was "getting bullied" on Monday.

Staten on the loss: “Coming into the game we had that one day to prepare but I don’t know, I didn’t think coming into the game that the Oklahoma State game would wear on us as much as it did, but you know that tends to happen when you play a game like that; that’s so emotional and then you lose. It’s a tough game you have to turn around and play with one day to prepare sometimes you come out flat, and that’s what we tried to protect against, but we couldn’t make shots, couldn’t guard, we just couldn’t do anything right tonight.”

Staten on Texas’ rebounding and penetration: “Coaches told us about that they told us that they had the best rebounding team in the Big 12 by a landslide, they told us that they had guards that can get the ball to the rim in transition. But they prepared us and told us everything that we need to do, but we just failed to go out there and do it.”

Staten on failing to make shots tonight: “It was very important, I mean we knew they could rebound the ball, we knew that we would have a tough time rebounding the ball because we had a tough time all year, and they’re the best rebounding team in the Big 12 so we knew it would be tough. We really counted on making shots and guarding well so we didn’t really have to rebound as much, but things didn’t go the way we wanted them to and we didn’t rebound like we needed to.

Staten on his viewpoint of the team after another loss: “There’s no doubt that’s its frustrating. I’m not going to get down on my teammates though, I’m the leader of the team and I take a lot of responsibility and I feel like there might be something that I can do better to help the team as far as getting in the players heads and letting them know what it is that we really need to go out there and do. So I take responsibility for that, I’m not going to throw my team under the bus it’s a team effort, nobody wants to go out there and lose but things happen.”

Henderson on the potential Oklahoma State hangover: “I really can’t answer that, I know how I felt. I really didn’t feel too bad, but as the whole team collectively I really don’t know.”

Henderson on the biggest surprise from Texas: “They really rebounded well; I mean they are the leading rebounding team in the Big 12 but you know just playing against a team that rebounds like that was a shock. We’re really going to have to work on boxing out hard.”

Henderson on what happened tonight: “Outmanned, I felt like we were getting bullied.”

Harris on the game: “It just makes you want to sit down and never touch a basketball again, loses like that where those guys are making every shot, all the boards.”

Harris on the Big 12 grind: “My teammates and I, and the coaching staff just need to stay mentally tough right now, because this right here is just a mirror image of life. Everybody knows you go through tough times, but the community and everybody needs to know that were just going through a tough time and that we gotta fight to get our way out of that tough time.”

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