WVU Going Inside Out?

"A long time ago, when I was first at Cincinnati, our guards couldn't make a shot," said West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins earlier today as if he were just beginning fireside horror story. "I got tired of watching them miss shots, so, during a game, I said 'why don't y'all go in and rebound and let the big guys shoot it. They can't make any less.' And (the bigs) started making shots, so we really kind of changed to where our bigs shot the ball more."

Huggins had plenty of jokes for the media today.

On Saturday, West Virginia big men Kevin Noreen and Aaric Murray combined to hit four threes at crucial points during the Mountaineers' 68-67 win over Virginia Tech.

So is history repeating itself?

"If (Kevin) can step into the shot and make shots go in, he better shoot 'em. Same thing with Aaric. We may be better off with those guys shooting and our guards rebounding," said Huggins. "They certainly can't miss any more than our guards have."

West Virginia came into the game shooting 23.0% from beyond the arc, so while reporters laughed, Huggins may have been deadly serious.

Whether or not the two truly compete for title of "Kevin Pittsnogle 2.0," will depend on whether or not they continue to make them and if it's best for the team. The biggest question, though, was whether or not Huggins saw this coming.

"I thought Aaric could shoot it out there," he said. "I think Aaric's problem early on was conditioning. He couldn't make a three-footer, much less shoot it from distance."

And "Sweat" Noreen?

"I've never seen Kevin Noreen shoot 'em; it was as much of a surprise to me as it was to anyone else," said Huggins. "We had a scrimmage because we had such a big gap between games and he made one there, but he only shot one. I just thought he was confused about where he was on the floor when he shot that one."

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