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VIDEO: Tyler Orlosky

Offensive lineman Tyler Orlosky talks with the media this morning about the philosophy Ron Crook teaches, his switch to center and more.

Tyler Orlosky 8-13

On the hardest changes for him with a new coach….

Technique, obviously. The schemes that he wants, how he wants it done, how he wants us to block our guys. Obviously, our technique is going to be somewhat similar, but just how we do it with our assignments.

On physicality…

Yea, that’s a big part of the game. Especially now that we put power (run plays) in. The main thing about power is being physical. You got to be physical. If you’re not being physical as a lineman, you’re in the wrong job.

On inexperience on interior of the line…

I don’t think it’s presented that much of an issue. You have (Quinton) Spain and Curtis (Feigt) at the tackles, so they really help us out with their experience. Obviously the middle three have no experience playing in a college football game, Spain and Curtis have started multiple games, so they help us out there.

On his different positions on the line…

I think just the center spot for now. I was a guard in high school. I’ve never really played this position… this spring I was told they wanted me to move to center and I said alright. It’s the best chance I had of getting on the field.

On transition…

It’s different. Anytime you’re asked to play a different position, there’s a transition period to go through. I’m still going through that period, just learning the schemes and everything, making the calls and getting the snap.

On his snaps….

It’s a work in progress. It’s tough, you got to focus on it. The muscle memory has to kick in. You just have to realize you can’t think about it, just let your body take over and do it for you.

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