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Spring Practice Report - 4/11

Dante Campbell sat out today's practice.

Today’s summary of practice begins with the guys not involved, the trio of Dante Campbell, Andrew Buie, and Terrell Chestnut spent today’s session on the exercise bikes as the media strolled into the stadium. As Chris pointed out in the live updates thread, Adam Pankey’s younger brother, Devan Pankey was in attendance. The younger Pankey is a 6’6 290 pound tackle prospect from the Class of 2014.

Josh Lambert and his leg kicked off practice again, as he worked on his field goal tries. Today was the first day that I’ve noticed Lambert boot the ball into the stands. He continued to show good length and accuracy on his kicks. In the follow segment of practice, the team broke into two units and worked on a blocking drill where one defender was assigned with running through two blockers before getting to the ball carrier. This drill was not live and no ball carriers were taken to the ground. It was designed to simulate what a defender will face when they are on a kickoff coverage team.

Travis Bell and Ricky Rumph both had a good session, drawing praise from Coach DeForest. The highlight of this drill occurred when Garrett Hope and Wes Tonkery squared off. Tonkery ran by the first blocker before running into Hope, who got a good push into Tonkery and eventually pancaked him onto Mountaineer Field.

The next session saw the offense and defense split into units, each working a different end of the field. The defense went through the same five-unit circuit as last practice which included: sled work, a tackling drill, a contain/pursuit drill, a leverage drill, and a pass rush drill. While the defense worked through their session, the quarterbacks threw some balls to the running backs and wide receivers. Of the three quarterbacks, Childress arguably looked the best of the bunch, with Millard running a close second. Just about every time that I focused my attention on Ford and his receiver, the ball seemed to be right on the money.

Maybe the biggest story of the day has to do with the wide receiver position, which saw a new face today. Vernon Davis was spotted wearing a white jersey (offensive colors) today and spent all his time working with the wide receivers. While I’m still not ready to concede a full on switch has occurred, it is interesting to see him working exclusive with the offense.

While this is definitely not to be construed as a depth chart, I did notice that the WR drills started with Kevin White lined up outside on the right, typically considered the Z receiver position, with Jordan Thompson lined up as the inside receiver (Y receiver) on that side. Once the left side, Connor Arlia lined up as the inside receiver (H receiver), while Daikiel Shorts lined up on the outside (X receiver). Garrison was the first back to go, followed by Dreamius Smith. Devonte Mathis (Z receiver), KJ Myers (X receiver), and Vernon Davis (Y receiver), are other notable athletes who were in the next group up.

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