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QB Starter, Bowl Game Up In The Air

It was only a month ago that Dana Holgorsen declared Clint Trickett as his man for the quarterback job for the rest of the year, but after a hard hit knocked the junior signal caller out against Texas on Saturday, the West Virginia head coach says he'll have to make another decision this week.

Holgorsen will be evaluating the QBs again this week in practice.

"It’s all based on practice," said Holgorsen. "He came in (today), was alert, gave us the thumbs up, was in the meetings. There’s a little bit of a progression that they got to do any time that a head (injury) is involved. They got to do non-contact stuff prior to releasing him, so I anticipate him being a non-contact guy (Tuesday)."

With both Clint Trickett and redshirt freshman Ford Childress hobbled, Holgorsen says it is just a matter of figuring things out week to week.

"The injuries are starting to mount, but they are for everybody," he said. "You just got to find out who’s available on Tuesday and practice ‘em, and then who’s available on Wednesday and practice ‘em, and then go with the guy who gives you the best chance to be successful."

These types of situations are not something that Holgorsen is going to blame for his team's 4-6 record. It's just a matter of figuring out who is healthy enough to go out there and take snaps.

"It’s just part of the game; You can’t use it as an excuse not be successful," he said. "We’ve play three different guys. They’ve all taken snaps. They’ve all won games. They understand what we’re trying to do on offense, so I think at this point in the season, it comes down to a health thing. Whichever guy is healthy, whichever guy can get out there and play at a high level because of his health, I think he gives you the best chance to win."

And if neither Childress nor Trickett are cleared to play, Holgorsen says he's just fine with putting in Paul Millard after seeing him against Texas.

"I really was happy with the way Paul went in and played," said Holgorsen. "His ball security was obviously terrible and we need to work on that. As far as running the offense and giving us a chance to win, I thought he performed pretty (well)."


After the game on Saturday night, Dana Holgorsen said he addressed the team to let them know he was encouraged by the effort they had put forth.

"We held a quick team meeting and I told the team I was proud of their effort. Their effort was phenomenal and their fight was phenomenal. I was really proud of them. They were disappointed. Emotionally and physically, we were pretty drained."

But now, at 4-6, he knows there is no margin for error if the Mountaineers want to make it to a bowl game.

"At this point, we got to start talking about winning the next one to get us to a bowl game, so we got to win this one," he said. "If not, then the bowl game is out. That will be used as motivation this week. And if we can get the victory this week, we’ll take the same approach three weeks from now in order to get to a bowl."

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