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Postgame Quotebook: Iowa State

Juwan Staten, Remi Dibo, Eron Harris, Terry Henderson and Kevin Noreen talk with the media after the big win over 11th-ranked Iowa State.

Staten says WVU "threw (Iowa State) off balance" on Monday.

Staten on the bounce back win after Kansas: “Everybody knows Kansas is a tough place to play. I mean we’re still growing, but I mean we feel like we’ve gotten so much better as a team, as the seasons went on. We said a number of times that those game early prepared us for games like this, and we’re just growing up.”

Staten on stopping Iowa State: “I think our 3-2 kind of threw them off balance. They didn’t really know what we ran, because we didn’t really know what we ran. We switch everything we can switch, and we just have to guard as a team. We cut down on the mental mistakes today, cut down on some of the defensive mistakes, and we shot the ball well.”

Dibo on his performance: “I felt good on my shot just happened to go in today. All the shots I took on Saturday against Kansas they all felt great, they didn’t fall in, and today they fell in; in the coliseum so it’s great.”

Dibo on holding the lead: “I just stick to the game plan; we couldn’t let them make a run to come back. We know that from the past every time we had a lead we let teams come back, we know we couldn’t let that happen. Stick to the game plan, and everything worked great for us.”

Dibo on the offensive game plan: “Move the ball, pass the ball, and make sure we share the ball. We knew coming in, that they were a team that moved the ball pretty good, that’s why they’re leading scorer in the conference.” “I think we did a great job, and everyone contributed today.”

Harris on what Huggins said to him before he walked off: “He was just telling me to go in there, and get dressed, and get ready for Saturday.”

Harris on the upcoming Texas game: “We want to get them back, they blew us out, and we want to go in there and play with confidence, and give them a good fight, and hopefully we come out of there with a win, and move on to the next, that’s all.”

Henderson on his game: “I just want to do whatever it takes to win, it’s not just about scoring, it’s doing whatever it takes to win, to help my team.”

Henderson on after the Kansas performance: “I was really thinking about coming out, and really wanting revenge, and I was gonna take it out on Iowa State. That was the main thing, I was like man, I just played horrible. I never had a game like that before, uncharacteristic, things wasn’t going my way, wasn’t my night. I knew once I got the chance to step back on the floor, I knew I had to respond.”

Noreen on Staten’s leadership: “I don’t want to say that we didn’t think we could beat anybody, you have to have the mindset you can beat every team your gonna play, but we knew that a few months ago we had a lot to learn, and we had a long ways to go. But I think we’ve come into practice most every day prepared with the willingness to learn, and I think it shows in our play, and quite honestly we have a really good leader in Juwan. I go back to last year, I think about some days were just chaotic, we didn’t have a true guy to hold us together when things got bad, and we have that this year.”

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