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Postgame Quotebook: Baylor

Juwan Staten and Eron Harris talk with the media after Saturday's loss to Baylor.

Staten on the game: “Honestly, the guys behind Terry (Henderson) or guys that come in to fill our spot have played enough minutes that it shouldn’t really matter. They produced enough, they played in enough big games and they know what’s going on, so yeah it hurt not to have Terry tonight but that’s really not what killed us. The defensive end is what killed us.”

Staten on shot blockers: “I don’t really think it was our offense, I mean yeah we got a couple of shots blocked, we couldn’t really simulate their size in practice but I mean we played them already, beat them already it’s not really an excuse.”

Staten on Austin and Jefferson: “They scored almost every time they caught the ball in the paint, shot about 55% from the field, and we just did a terrible job on defense.”

Staten on the game: “This one kind of hurt, defiantly hurts to lose at home, but we’re not out. We’re still gonna keep playing, keep fighting till the end. Still have confidence in this team, and we know that we can play with any team in the conference.”

Staten on Baylor size: “Size has kind of been our downfall this year, we’re not really big in the paint, and the players we do have in the paint are young, so I mean they haven’t really been through a full season, they don’t really know what to look for.”

Harris on his performance and the game: “It didn’t really matter what I did because we lost.” “Just wondering where we went wrong, I know we didn’t get the stops we needed today, which is basically the story every team we lose we didn’t get the stop that we needed, or the rebound that we needed.”

Harris on losing at home: “It’s very deflating but just like you can’t get too high, you can’t get too low. So that’s what I’m gonna try to do, I don’t think it’s ever over for us. At the end of the day, the Big 12 tournament is what counts to get in the tournament. So were just gonna look to the next game, and try to win the next one.”

Harris: “I just had to do what I had to do. When I get open looks; I shot my open looks. That’s pretty much it.”

Harris on Huggins message: “Can’t win if we’re giving up that many points in the paint, and that high of a percentage shooting on a night you can’t really win that game. So if we can’t get better at that, we’re not gonna win too many games. That’s the end of the story right there.”

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