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One Head Better Than Two

The search for a new cornerback coach wasn't the only staff change discussion on Monday. Head coach Dana Holgorsen addressed the altering of duties for former "co-defensive coordinators" Joe DeForest and Keith Patterson.

Patterson will take over play-calling and defensive coordinator duties.

"Instead of having two guys sharing that responsibility, I think it is important for one guy to take the lead, so (Keith Patterson) will be doing that," Holgorsen said on Monday. "(He) has been doing a fantastic job. He is a great defensive coordinator and has been for some time."

Just because the Patterson move has been positive and DeForest's move has been viewed as a "demotion," Holgorsen was quick to point out that the longtime Oklahoma State assistant was still important to the success of the program.

"Joe DeForest is very valuable to our coaching staff and to our football program," said Holgorsen. "He is a tremendous football coach and has focused a lot on the safeties, which we have two pretty good ones that have played good football."

Of course, Holgorsen is talking mostly about Karl Joseph, who was named to numerous Freshman All-American teams. That experience DeForest brings, though, can be felt everywhere.

"He brings a bunch of experience from a recruiting standpoint, from a special team's standpoint, from an associate head coach standpoint and from a next guy in charge standpoint," said Holgorsen. "And that will continue."

Still, the Patterson move is already showing positive signs of change, but Holgorsen cautions against expecting immediate results.

"We have made progress with what the future is going to be and what the vision of the defense is going to look like," he said. "We'll keep moving forward with it. I feel really good about where it is going. Is every problem going to be fixed in a month? Of course not, but we’re going to make progress toward what we want it to look like a year from now."

"There will be some changes," Holgorsen continued. "There will be some noticeable changes."

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