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Moving Forward, It's Trickett

Dana Holgorsen talked with the national media this morning and it did not take long for someone to ask if Clint Trickett was still his quarterback next week - and going forward. The Mountaineer head coach was very clear with his answer.

Holgorsen says WVU will need to continue to build depth in order to compete.

"The current situation, yes. I do think he played his best game, just not a winning performance, but I do think he played his football up to this point."

Going forward, the junior transfer is also healthy for the first time in more than a month, and Holgorsen hopes that will help him get even better each week.

"He's healthy and he'll be able to rep Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, which is the first time he's been able to do that in quite some time," said Holgorsen. "We'll give him the majority of the reps and continue to try to get him better."


Holgorsen also reiterated what he had mentioned after the game on Saturday - his team played better for the majority of the game, and he liked what he saw for the most part.

"We made progress. I think everybody would agree with that," he said. "We made some things happen, moved the ball, scored some points and got the ball in the end zone several times."

The momentum swung in the fourth quarter, though, and Texas Tech emerged victorious. While disappointed in the end result and claiming the Red Raiders had more "will to win," Holgorsen was sure to point out he was not questioning his team's effort. One aspect he felt his team lacked, however, was confidence.

"Confidence is a hard thing to build, and when you get it shattered by Baylor, then it's hard to get it back," said Holgorsen. "That's what we got to do as coaches, and our approach last week was to get them away from it, hoping that would build their confidence and get them excited."

For five days and three quarters, it looked as if that method would work.

"We did have a very good week of practice, it just didn't translate in the fourth quarter," said Holgorsen. "We played winning football for three quarters, we were in position to win it, and then in the fourth quarter, when the game kept getting tighter, they were a little more confident than we were."


While morale is a bit down due to the loss, Holgorsen says he sees the light at the end of the tunnel, noting the many obstacles the program has to overcome in the Big12.

"It's just every week. It doesn't matter who you're playing. Every week is going to be a challenge," he said. "There's challenges with not knowing our opponent, not having previous games with them, not having previous wars with them. The history is not there. That will continue to change over the years."

That's true, as West Virginia has already faced four opponents ranked in the Top 20 of the BCS stands. That's tied with Ole Miss for the most in the nation.

It's a gauntlet West Virginia will have to face regularly, and one Holgorsen says can be helped by continuing to improve the talent on the roster.

"The depth is an issue just because of the style of play," he said. "You're going to play a lot of snaps, so the depth needs to continue to (improve). Our second and third team guys are not as good as what they need to be to compete against the likes of Baylor and Texas Tech over the last couple of weeks."

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