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Mountaineers Shine at NFL Draft

On Sunday, three Mountaineer players took center stage at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. They did not disappoint. Tavon Austin, Geno Smith and Stedman Bailey each put up impressive performances, both in their measurables and position drills.

Stedman Bailey (3) and Tavon Austin (1) have plenty of reason to celebrate after today's performances at the NFL Combine.

Here's a quick breakdown - with stats and quotes - of how each of the three West Virginia players fared today.

Stedman Bailey

Height: 5' 10 1/4"
Weight: 193 pounds
Arms: 32 3/4"
Hand: 9 7/8" (t-5th biggest among WR)
40-yard: 4.52
10-yard: 1.58
Bench: 11 reps of 225 pounds
Vertical: 34.5"
Broad: 9'9"
3-Cone: 6.81
Shuttle: 4.09

Buy/Sell: Personally, I believe Bailey did slightly better than what he was expected to do at the combine. He measured in a little under the ideal size, but showed off his excellent hands by catching 14 of 14 passes in the "gauntlet drill." He also made a diving catch on a go-route and showed excellent ability to catch the ball over his outside shoulder. His 40-yard dash time was solid, maybe even slightly better than expected. His shuttle time was outstanding, disproving the belief that he's not a "shifty" receiver. BUY

Quote: "He has the best hands of any receiver in this draft. " - NFL Network Analyst Mike Mayock

Tavon Austin

Height: 5' 8 1/2"
Weight: 174 pounds
Arms: 30
Hand: 9 1/8"
40-yard: 4.34 (t-2nd fastest among WRs)
10-yard: 1.45 (t-2nd fastest among WRs)
Bench: 14 reps of 225 pounds
Vertical: 32"
Broad: 10'
3-Cone: N/A
Shuttle: 4.01 (t-2nd fastest among WRs)

Buy/Sell: Everyone knew he was fast, but Austin shocked even the most ardent supporters by blazing two excellent times, putting up an unofficial 4.25 (dropped to a 4.34 later) on the very first receiver run of the day. His 4.01 shuttle time was one of the best in recent years, too. What may have surprised even more scouts and fans was that he displayed excellent hands, catching 14 of 14 during the "gauntlet drill" and never dropping a pass in other drills. There was debate on whether or not he was a late first round pick before the combine, but that quickly switched to who the best fit was for him in the first round. I'd be surprised if he slipped to the second round now. BUY

Quotes: "His speed converts to football in an incredible way." - NFL Analyst and Hall of Fame WR Michael Irvin..... "One of the most electric players I've ever seen in college football." - NFL Analyst Mike Mayock..... "In the NFL, it's all about matchups, and this young man is a matchup nightmare." - NFL Analyst Mike Mayock

Geno Smith

Height: 6' 2 3/8"
Weight: 218 pounds
Arms: 32 1/2"
Hand: 9 1/4"
40-yard: 4.59 (fastest among QBs)
10-yard: 1.59 (2nd fastest among QBs)
Bench: N/A
Vertical: 33.5" (2nd highest among QBs)
Broad: 10'4" (furthest among QBs)

Buy/Sell: In most years, Geno's throwing performance would be described as "pretty good" or even "solid." However, in comparison to the pitiful group of quarterbacks in this year's draft, he was bordering on "amazing." Add in the fact that he displayed athleticism that many people were unaware that he possessed, and this day could not have gone much better for Geno. BUY

Quotes: "I thought Geno Smith looked really good; looked good on the deep ball; looked good on the underneath stuff." - Two-time NFL MVP and Current NFL Analyst Kurt Warner.... "Geno's confident. He knows he's been spinning it pretty good today." - Former NFL Scout and Current NFL Analyst Daniel Jeremiah.... "He's a person you really want to consider at the No. 1 spot." - NFL Veteran and Analyst Akba Gbaja-Biamila

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