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Morning Mashup - 1/19

Your morning look back, around the headlines and into the future.

On This Date:

- The basketball team has an all-time record of 10-14. In 1999, Elton Scott hit the front end of a 1-and-1 with less than a second on the clock to give West Virginia a 55-54 victory over Georgetown. Marcus Goree led the way with 17 points and 11 rebounds.

- In 1979, former defensive back Rick Sherrod was born. After two years as a backup, the Charleston native took over the starting role and flourished. In 2000, he registered 104 tackles, 12 pass breakups and three interceptions, and as a senior, he led the nation with 15.6 tackles per game (156 total).

- In 2011, lineman Russell Haughton-James committed to West Virginia. After redshirting his first year, he was a backup this past season. As he heads into the spring, he will battle for one of the open positions on the line.

In The News:

Epling Stadium to host WVU-Kansas series (Huffman - Register-Herald)

WVU steps out of Big 12 to face Purdue on CBS (Huffman - Register-Herald)

WVU's Harris born to play basketball (Hertzel - TimesWV)

Huggins adjusts his philosophy (Hertzel - TimesWV)

Mountaineers set for No. 1 Baylor (TimesWV)

Mazey up for the challenges as baseball coach (TimesWV)

Nugget of The Day:

- West Virginia signee Devin Williams had six points and six rebounds in his team's victory and will play Paul VI in the Championship Game of the Bass Pro Tournament of Champions.

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  • I read the article, "Huggins Adjusts Philosophy", and it's true that the Big 12 isn't what we thought from a BB point of view. While we only will have a few 9:00 road games, we've quickly found out what a bear those are, especially if school is in session and there's school the next day.

    Huggs is quoted in this article as saying our team was built for the big east with our bigs, the inference being that more athletic players are required in the Big 12. For us, that means we have to go small.

    Less playing time for the bigs (exception today vs. Purdue?) and more time for the smaller lineup. That probably does bode well for anyone from Miles down (sizewise) for getting to the floor. Maybe Brown gets another chance? Hump should see the floor as long as he plays takes shots within the system and plays defense.

    Question I raise to close is: if the Big 12 is more of a speed league, how does Gerun fit into all of this? He's lost the r/s, and he hasn't gotten appreciable minutes, and certainly won't this year. Will he be a good fit next year as a junior? The NCAA has been tough on Gerun. The clearinghouse issues caused him to miss fall practice, after he didn't get here until the last day to enroll. I've heard he runs the floor well, so perhaps so. He's also known to be the best shot or close to it on the team (from outside).

    Our team is in flux. Not sure it's going to pay huge dividends this year.

    Probably a bad idea, but I arranged last summer to take time off to go to the inaugural Big 12 conference tournament, and I ordered 2 tickets yesterday for my wife and me.

  • Sam12,
    Another question to ask: How do we fix this?

    [Huggs is quoted in this article as saying our team was built for the big east with our bigs, the inference being that more athletic players are required in the Big 12. For us, that means we have to go small. ]

    Next years recruiting class has 4 bigs. Sounds like we are headed in the wrong direction if you believe what Huggins is saying. I'm not buying it. A good big man beats a good little man most of the time. The B12 is no different, the problem is we don't have any good big men and we don't have any good small men(I do think our two freshmen guards can develop into good players). We're trying to compete against D-1 talent with mid mid-major talent.

    Good question about Gerun. Kid had 1 or 2 post HS years at a basketball factory. You would think he'd be ready to play and contribute.

  • I am not sure what Huggs is getting at with his no bigs comments. In my opinion, I think he is indicating that we need more athletic bigs like the guys he is bringing in next year. Our bigs this year are real stiffs.

  • This. And next year's class only has 3 bigs. The Adrian kid is not exactly a big. And of those 3 bigs I'd say at least two are pretty impressive athletes with some versatility. If at least two of the 3 come pretty ready to play next year I'd say it could be a pretty darn good season.

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