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Looking For Leaders

Bob Huggins' teleconference started off simple enough. When asked what his team needed to improve upon going forward, the Hall of Famer gave a very basic answer.

Huggins is looking for a leader on this team.

"At the risk of sounding simplistic," he opined. "It'd be nice if we made a shot."

The most troublesome shots seem to be the ones that came closest to the rim, an obvious sore spot for Huggins.

"We've got to do a better job of keeping the ball alive and finishing around the goal," said Huggins. "We missed 11 shots inside of three feet (against Oklahoma). We've just got to do a better job."

While there's plenty of truth to both of those statements, the Mountaineers' head coach says his team needs to develop plenty of other areas of their game as well.

"We're not rebounding the ball and we typically rebound the ball," he said. "We're not scoring on offensive rebounds. We're not scoring on putbacks. We got outscored 30-10 (32-10) in the paint. That just hasn't happened (before)."

Although a team sport, basketball more than any other requires someone to take the reins and lead the rest of the team in order to achieve those improvements.

According to Huggins, though, that hasn't happened.

"We've always had seniors step up," he said. "We lost Joe Alexander and everybody said 'what are you gonna do?' Well, Da'Sean Butler stepped up. We lost Da'Sean Butler, Kevin Jones stepped up."

"Our problem is, we haven't had anybody step up."

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