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Huggins Previews Baylor

Rebounding the ball and making shots.

"When we make shots, we give ourselves a chance."

It may sound simple, but those two aspects of the game will determine Wednesday night's winner when West Virginia (12-11, 5-5) heads down to Baylor (15-8, 6-4).

"Rebounding has always been one of the staples of what we try to do, (but) honestly, sometimes they're skewed," said WVU head coach Bob Huggins. "If a team misses a bunch of free throws, obviously you're on the inside so you should get those. When a team shoots a real high percentage, there aren't as many rebounds.

"Fortunately and unfortunately for us, we miss enough that there's enough to rebound."

That very point is why rebounding will be such a battle on Wednesday night. The Mountaineers come into the game second in the Big 12 in offensive rebounds, while Baylor is second in defensive rebounding.

That's not what worries Bob Huggins, though. His major concern is with stopping the Bears from scoring; most notably, containing electric guard Pierre Jackson.

"He beat us scoring a year ago," said Huggins when asked about Jackson's biggest threat, scoring or passing. "I do think he's certainly one of the best players in the league. He can really score the ball. He does a great job with ball screens and they do a great job ball screening for him."

Jackson's not the only threat for Baylor, however.

"They can get you spread because they have a number of other guys that can make shots as well," said Huggins. "(7-foot-1 center Isaiah) Austin can step out and make three. They can spread you so much, which makes them even more (dangerous)."

The ability to put the ball in the basket works both ways. According to Huggins, it is West Virginia's new-found confidence on offense that has made them winners of three straight.

"We finally made some shots," he said. "We've shot at least two of the (last) three over 50%."

"When we make shots, we give ourselves a chance."

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