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Holgs: Upgraded Facilities Needed

With West Virginia heading into a bye week, Dana Holgorsen's question and answer session with the local media took on a decided different flavor than weeks past. Instead of focusing on the previous game or even the next opponent, the Mountaineer head coach was asked about his comments regarding the need for upgrades at WVU.

"There's a list," he said. "And I don't think I'm being unreasonable with the requests I'm asking for. We're working hard on trying to get out there and raise the money needed to be able to make some of this stuff reality."

Last winter, West Virginia went through a major upgrade to the weight room and training facilities, something Holgorsen says is really only the first step of three major ones needed.

"(First) was the weight room. You got to be able to develop in the weight room. We got that accomplished," said Holgorsen. "You got to be able to meet appropriately, which we can't, and you got to be able to practice appropriately, which we can't. Those are where we're headed."

While he says that upgrading the Puskar Center is "next on the list," Holgorsen says setting up a better practice field is paramount. His solution? Turfing the current field.

"Yea, that would be awesome," he said, when asked about putting turf on the practice field, located behind the indoor practice facility. "Everybody says 'you don't have the space, we live in a mountain.' Well, that's not true, we do have the space, and we use that (grass) practice field six times a year. So what are we doing?"

The other option, of course, is to use the Caperton Indoor Practice Facility. According to Holgorsen, though, the facility - which was built in 1998 - is "dysfunctional."

"You got to blow it up if you want to use it the way people want to be able to utilize your indoor (facility)," he said. "Safety is key. You need proper runoff and you need proper length. If you want to do the kicking game, you have to go a little bit higher. It's dysfunctional. We use it for some offseason stuff, but it needs to be a little more functional."

Whether the funds are raised to correct one problem, the other or both, Holgorsen says something needs to be done to put the Mountaineers on a level playing field.

"We shouldn't have to practice on our game field," he said. "Nobody else does it."

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