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Hanging With... Zaire Williams

A lot of uncommitted prospects are getting love lately, but the coaching staff has given a lot of attention to current members of the class, too. So we'll do the same.

Coach Gillespie talks with his running back commits at WVU camp.

Next on our list of commits to talk to is Timber Creek (NJ) running back Zaire Williams. We caught up with the three-star back to talk hating Pittsburgh, racing teammates and his relationship with Coach Gillespie.

EerSports: Let's start with the same question as everyone else - can you name one thing WVU has that no one else does? One thing you would change?

Zaire Williams: I wouldn't change anything about WVU. It's the best place in the country and I think WVU has the best running back coach in the world, hands down.

EerSports: Who finished second in your recruitment?

Williams: Iowa.

EerSports: Do you have a favorite NFL team?

Williams:I don't have a favorite NFL team, I love the game of football and I like every team - except the Steelers.

EerSports: Well, a hatred of Pittsburgh teams is certainly a good start.

Williams: Yes sir!

EerSports: On the topic of NFL, where do you think Geno Smith and Tavon Austin get drafted?

Williams: First rounders. Chiefs - Geno. Patriots - Tavon.

EerSports: Final mandatory question - favorite pizza place, crust and toppings?

Williams: Scotto's. Their cheese steak pizza is so good.

EerSports: So which coaches have come by the house so far?

Williams: Coach Spav and Coach Holgorsen.

EerSports: Coach Spav has been talking with other recruits like he's got a big game. What's your take?

Williams: In basketball, he's probably got a shot, but no post game. *laughs* I'll give him a C+ on his game.

EerSports: What about Coach Gillespie? He fancied himself as a running back once upon a time. You think he could get a scholarship now?

Williams: Yes, scholarship. He can still jump very high.

EerSports: Who wins a 40-yard dash between you too?

Williams: Me, of course!

EerSports: So you mentioned that he's the best running back coach in the country. What is it about him that you like so much?

Williams: He's so honest and he coaches with a passion.

EerSports: Have you decided what the first thing you're going to do is when you get to campus?

Williams: Food shopping. Fill the fridge with water and Gatorade.

EerSports: You know when you're heading up?

Williams: July 1st, but I might come in the 29th of June, so I can get all my shopping and stuff situation and getting myself used to the campus.

EerSports: You know who you're rooming with, yet?

Williams: I'm trying to room with Chavas (Rawlins) and Elijah (Wellman) and one more person.

EerSports: Who wins a race between the roommates?

Williams: Chavas.

EerSports: Last question - anything you want to say to the WVU fans?

Williams: I'm coming to work hard and my main goal is a degree and to play for the best fans in the country!

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