Hanging With... Tyler Tezeno

Over the last couple weeks, coaches have been doing in-home visits with commits to get to know more about them. In the spirit of the season, EerSports has decided to do the same.

Tezeno says WVU has a "big time appeal."

Today, we exchanged texts with lineman Tyler Tezeno to discuss Texas BBQ, pizza and pancaking a certain Mountaineer assistant coach.

EerSports: I've started each piece with this question - one thing WVU has that no one else does and one thing you wish you could change?

Tyler Tezeno: WVU has the big time appeal but can make you feel like you are not just a number on a depth chart. I wish it was closer to home.

EerSports: Who finished second in your recruitment?

Tezeno: LSU

EerSports: Here's another regular question - what's your favorite pizza? Brand, crust and toppings?

Tezeno: Man! Pizza is my favorite food, but I would have to say Meat Lovers with cheese filled crust from Pizza Hut.

EerSports: I hope you and Chavas Rawlins aren't roommates - that's his favorite, too. You guys might put Pizza Hut out of business!

Tezeno: *laughs* I'm sure we would.

EerSports: Where do Geno Smith and Tavon Austin get drafted?

Tezeno: I'm not sure, but I would love to see either of them head to the Cowboys. They could use them.

EerSports: And if Tavon ends up with the Redskins and Geno with the Eagles, what will you do then?

Tezeno: That's a hard one, but I will stay a Tavon and Geno fan as long as they are not playing the 'Boys.

EerSports: So what coaches from WVU have been by to see ya?

Tezeno: Coach (Bill) Bedenbaugh came to my house and Coach (Shannon) Dawson has come by several times this season. And just recently Coach (Erik) Slaughter came by my school.

EerSports: Well, Coach Slaughter is the defensive line coach - you think he could get past you on a pass rush?

Tezeno: He's a pretty big dude, but I know I would stuff him right at the line of scrimmage.

EerSports: Pancake?

Tezeno: All day.

EerSports: *laughs* You think if you were playing defensive line you could get past Marcell (Lazard)?

Tezeno: Marcell seems like he can handle his business but I got a few tricks under my sleeve to get past him. *laughs*

EerSports: So you ready to show some of the West Virginia people a thing or two about Texas BBQ?

Tezeno: If any of them had my dad's barbecue, they wouldn't want to leave Texas! But I think my roommate will get pretty used to eating it.

EerSports: Dry rub or wet?

Tezeno: Dry. My dad makes his own seasoning and it's crazy good!

EerSports: This summer, you spent a few days in Morgantown. What was your favorite place?

Tezeno: I would say Coopers Rock was pretty cool because we don't have mountains down here in Texas.

EerSports: Where's the first place you're going when you get to town?

Tezeno: Varsity, to get that deep dish pizza!

EerSports: What do you want to do before you head up?

Tezeno: Spend some quality time with my family and friends before I go.

EerSports: Anything you want to say to WVU fans to finish up?

Tezeno: Just that I'm excited to get up there and make everyone proud. Let's go Mountaineers!

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