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Hanging With... Marvin Gross

A lot of uncommitted prospects are getting love lately, but the coaching staff has given a lot of attention to current members of the class, too. So we'll do the same.

Gross says he "wouldn't change a thing" about WVU.

Today, we catch up with Marvin Gross to talk about tackling Tavon, Dana Holgorsen as a wing man and more.

EerSports: What was your favorite thing about WVU?

Marvin Gross: My favorite thing about WVU is how loyal the fans are and how everyone there always look for the positive, no negativity.

EerSports: What's one thing you would change?

Gross: I wouldn't change a thing. The way it is is the reason I committed.

EerSports: Who finished second in your recruitment?

Gross: Washington.

EerSports: Do you have a favorite NFL team?

Gross: Cowboys. *laughs* Not the best year to be a Cowboys fan.

EerSports: Would Geno Smith start over Tony Romo right now/

Gross: The way Tony was playing, I could see it. They need a change and Geno is the dual threat QB to change it all.

EerSports: Where do you think Geno and Tavon Austin get drafted?

Gross: Tavon - Pats. I see him being a Wes Welker type. And Geno, whoever the first pick is honestly. *laughs*

EerSports: You think you could tackle Tavon?

Gross: In between the tackles, yes. Open space, no one can tackle him. *laughs*

EerSports: Well you mentioned Geno being athletic, could you tackle him in space?

Gross: Yea, he's a big guy but I could get him. His cuts aren't as quick as Tavon's so I can tackle him.

EerSports: Which coaches have sung by for an in-home/in-school visit?

Gross: Coach Holgorsen came to my school, but I didn't know he could only come once. I think Coach (Erik) Slaughter will come the weekend of my official.

EerSports: What did you think of Coach Holgorsen?

Gross: He was everything I expected - cool, down to earth and really reassured why I love WVU so much.

EerSports: So the type of guy who'd be a good wingman while talking to girls? *laughs*

Gross: *laughs* It's always worth a try. I'd love to see that. That's food for thought.

EerSports: *laughs* So what all do you want to do before you head up to school?

Gross: Spend time with my little brothers. This will be the last summer that I will really see them so I wanna remember the good times we had before we separated.

EerSports: What's the first thing you want to do when you get up to WVU?

Gross: Go to Kegler's. I heard that's the spot with the best food. I wanna see if they are as good as everyone says.

EerSports: So what's the one thing yuo want to say to the WVU fans out there?

Gross: I can't wait to put on a show for you guys and bring home a championship.... and follow me on Twitter! *laughs* (@whodat_15)


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