Hanging With... Marcell Lazard

A lot of uncommitted prospects are getting love lately, but the coaching staff has given a lot of attention to current members of the class, too. So we'll do the same.

Lazard says Miami was the school that finished second in his recruitment.

Last night, head coach Dana Holgorsen and New Jersey recruiter Jake Spavital swung by the house of West Virginia commit, Marcell Lazard. The purpose of the visit was to talk about the future, make sure his commitment was solid and to learn more about their future offensive tackle.

Along the same vein, EerSports decided to do the same and exchanged a string of fun and informative texts with the three-star prospect.

EerSports: Recruiting first - what was one thing WVU had that no other school had?

Marcell Lazard: Great fan base and academic support staff.

EerSports: One thing you wish they had?

Lazard: I wish they had better dorms.

EerSports: Which school finished "second" in your recruitment?

Lazard: Miami.

EerSports: Who are your favorite NFL, NBA and MLB teams?

Lazard: Steelers, Lakers and Brewers.

EerSports: Take your guess on where Geno Smith and Tavon Austin get drafted

Lazard: Geno to the Eagles and Tavon hopefully to the Steelers.

EerSports: Earlier (Monday) night, the coaches came by the house. Who would be a better pass rusher - Coach Holgorsen or Coach Spavital?

Lazard: Spav *laughs*

EerSports: Even if Coach Holgorsen had a few Red Bulls first?

Lazard: Yea *laughs*

EerSports: What makes Coach Spav the better rusher?

Lazard: First off he has a good three inches on Coach Holgs and I see him being quicker!

EerSports: Ok, so Coach Spav is lined up across from you - can he get to the quarterback?

Lazard: No.

EerSports: Do you think any of those answers will come back to haunt you next year during conditioning?

Lazard: I hope not. *laughs*

EerSports: Well, let's make sure you do lots of running next year. You versus Coach Bedenbaugh for the starting tackle spot. Who gets it and why?

Lazard: Me. *laughs* I think Coach Bedenbaugh would be a great tackle, but I think I got him in the age factor. *laughs*

EerSports: Another very important question - pizza toppings?

Lazard: Onions, pepperoni and olives.

EerSports: Alright, back on track. What's your one goal before you get to WVU?

Lazard: To win the state championship.

EerSports: And finally, what do you have to say to all the WVU fans out there?

Lazard: I can't wait to come in and win a national championship for the best fans in college football!

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