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Hanging With... Daryl Worley

A lot of uncommitted prospects are getting love lately, but the coaching staff has given a lot of attention to current members of the class, too. So we'll do the same.

Worley says he thinks he could take Coach Spavital in basketball.

Today, we catch up with Daryl Worley who talks laughing at Coach Spav, truck parties and Buffalo Wild Wings.

EerSports: First, what was the one thing WVU had that no other school did?

Daryl Worley: The one thing that WVU really reeled me in with was their extreme level of interest. When I went down to Morgantown for an unofficial this summer, they showed me love like I was already a Mountaineer.

EerSports: What is one thing you would change?

Worley: I wouldn't change a thing. From the fans to the coaches to the players, it's one big family and I love it!

EerSports: Who finished second in your recruitment?

Worley: The school that finished second in my recruitment was equally tied between Syracuse, Pitt and Wisconsin.

EerSports: Do you have a favorite NFL team?

Worley: No, I don't even watch NFL football as of now. College is what I love and focused on as of now.

EerSports: I've asked the other guys this, what's your favorite pizza place, crust and toppings?

Worley: Here in Philly, we have this place called City View, it's definitely the best. I like Buffalo Chicken pizza.

EerSports: Your pick for where Geno Smith and Tavon Austin get drafted?

Worley: I think they both are going first round, no doubt about it. With Kansas City having the first overall pick, I think that's where Geno will land. But I know Tavon would love to end up at Baltimore, so I'm hoping the same for him.

EerSports: What coaches have swung by to see you from WVU?

Worley: Coach (Jake) Spavital, who is my lead recruiter. About a month ago, he and Coach (Dana) Holgorsen himself came to my house for a home visit.

EerSports: So the, let's say running joke, is that Coach Spav is pretty athletic. What's your take?

Worley: *laughs* He did tell me that he could beat me in basketball and I laughed so hard I almost threw up. *laughs* I'll have to take him up on the offer now.

EerSports: *laughs* I just laughed so hard I almost threw up myself. How bad would the score be if you guys played?

Worley: *laughs* He's an amazing guy. I'll have to test his athleticism, though. I would probably start off not scoring that much because I would be laughing athim still. But once I started, it would be like Lebron against Spud Webb!

EerSports: You know he's going to read this, right? You prepared for all that running? *laughs*

Worley: What don't kill me will only make me stronger! *laughs*

EerSports: Well, aside from running profusely, what are you looking to do first when you get to campus?

Worley: Aside from hitting the weight room and getting straight to work, I do wanna hit the Buffalo Wild Wings that's down the street from campus. I hear it's a nice place and a fan favorite.

EerSports: What's the one thing you want to do before you leave?

Worley: I'm going to have a truck party where I just wanna bring all of my family and friends together that have helped me and helped shape me into the young man I am today, and just give thanks to them and let them know how much I appreciate each and every one of them and how their support is an honor.

EerSports: Very nice. So what's one thing you want to say to all the WVU fans out there?

Worley: I look forward to representing WVU next year in the best way. Get ready for the amzing games next year and prepare to support us on our road to the National Championship!


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