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Hanging With... Daikiel Shorts

A lot of uncommitted prospects are getting love lately, but the coaching staff has given a lot of attention to current members of the class, too. So we'll do the same.

Shorts says he wouldn't mind seeing Geno Smith in a Cowboys uniform.

Next on our checklist of West Virginia commits is Eastern Christian Academy (MD) receiver Daikiel Shorts. We caught up with the three-star prospect to talk New Jersey, Geno Smith vs. Tony Romo and Coach Holgorsen's hair.

EerSports: Let's start with the same first question as everyone else - what's one thing West Virginia had that no one else did and one thing that you'd like to change?

Daikiel Shorts: I would have to say they have the most exciting fans and I'm not sure I'd change anything, but I guess better freshman dorms.

EerSports: And who finished second in your recruitment?

Shorts: I would say Boise State or UCLA.

EerSports: Favorite pizza, crust and toppings?

Shorts: Plain cheese topping, pan crust.

EerSports: Favorite pro teams?

Shorts: NFL - Dallas Cowboys. NBA - Oklahoma City Thunder. MLB - New York Yankees

EerSports: You think Geno could start over Tony Romo right now?

Shorts: Yeah, I think he could. I would love to see him in a Cowboys uniform.

EerSports: Speaking of, where do you think him and Tavon Austin get drafted?

Shorts: Both in the first round.

EerSports: Look at the WVU commit list and tell me who wins - Maryland and Delaware guys versus the New Jersey and Pennsylvania guys?

Shorts: Well, I live in New Jersey, but I just went to school in Delaware and Maryland, so I would have to say Jersey... UNLESS you're from Eastern Christian Academy (MD).

EerSports: You Jersey guys are everywhere!

Shorts: *laughs* Yeah, I know!

EerSports: What are you looking to do before you head up to school next month?

Shorts: Most likely just chill with the team as much as I can and go to the bowl game.

EerSports: How about when you get to Morgantown - what's the first thing you want to do?

Shorts: I'm not sure, yet. I definitely want to get some WVU gear because, as of now, I have none.

EerSports: None? What are you going to wear to the bowl game, then? *laughs*

Shorts: I have a t-shirt and a sweatshirt, but no hoodies or hats.

EerSports: So Coach Holgorsen has already swung by your house, right?

Shorts: Yeah, him and Coach Spav (Jake Spavital).

EerSports: Did you have any advice for Coach Holgorsen about his hair?

Shorts: *laughs* Nah, I didn't. A lot of people said he should just cut it, but I think he should enjoy it while it lasts.

EerSports: You think you could pull off a 'do like that?

Shorts: *laughs* nah, not at all.

EerSports: Alright - you got ten pound ankle weights on. Can Holgorsen and Spavital cover you? Who has the best chance, if not?

Shorts: I would say neither. *laughs* Coach Spav might have the best chance. I might be a little big for Coach Holgs.

EerSports: So now you're saying you're going to "big boy" Coach Holgorsen? Keep in mind, he will likely read this. *laughs*

Shorts: *laughs* It's not personal or anything!

EerSports: Alright, let's finish this up before you get in trouble. You got anything you want to say to the WVU fans?

Shorts: I'm definitely looking forward to playing for the best college football fans for the next four years!


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