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Hanging With... Chavas Rawlins

A lot of uncommitted prospects are getting love lately, but the coaching staff has given a lot of attention to current members of the class, too. So we'll do the same.

Rawlins says UNC and Pitt finished second behind WVU.

After doing a similar piece with Marcell Lazard earlier this week, EerSports caught up with quarterback commit Chavas Rawlins to talk about the important things in life - recruiting, pizza, Big Ben vs Geno and how quickly he could lap Coach Dunlap in a race.

EerSports: Same question I asked Marcell - one thing WVU had that no one else does and one thing you wish could change about the school?

Chavas Rawlins: The great fan base!! And definitely (change) the dorm rooms.

EerSports: If I remember correctly, not long after a visit from Coach Spavital, you were ready to announce. Was something specific said then?

Rawlins: Coach Spav told me that I was his guy and all this stuff and he had faith in me committing. He said he was going to quit recruiting everybody else just so he can work hard on recruiting me - and the next day I committed.

EerSports: Who finished "second" in your recruitment?

Rawlins: North Carolina and Pitt.

EerSports: Marcell's favorite pizza had vegetables on it. What would you say your perfect pizza is?

Rawlins: Cheese crust, Pizza Hut, Meat Lovers!

EerSports: Now that's an answer I can agree with!

Rawlins: *laughs* It's great stuff.

EerSports: Living outside Pittsburgh, are you prepared to give up your fanhood for their pro teams when you get to WVU?

Rawlins: Yes I am. Definitely going to be hard, especially coming from a Pitt family in my step dad and older brother.

EerSports: Who are you going to pick up to root for to replace them (NFL)?

Rawlins: I'm a die hard Steelers fan. I can't see myself loving anyone else. *laughs*

EerSports: Alright. I think they allow Steeler fans in Morgantown. But here's the question - Geno Smith or Big Ben?

Rawlins: Geno Smith, definitely.

EerSports: While we're on it, I'm also taking everyone's guesses on where Geno and Tavon Austin land. Your picks?

Rawlins: Tavon to New England and Geno to Miami.

EerSports: At camp this summer, I saw you running 40-yard dashes right there with Zaire Williams, Elijah Wellman and the other guys. Are you the fastest player in this WVU class?

Rawlins: I'm sure Jacky (Marcellus) probably has me, but we will find out soon.

EerSports: Well, Marcell tells me that Coach Spav is fast - would he even be close?

Rawlins: Oh no. *laughs* Not Spav!

EerSports: Think you would lap him running around the field?

Rawlins: Give me 3 laps and I'll catch him.

EerSports: *laughs* How many laps to catch Coach Dunlap?

Rawlins: He looks fit. Give me two though. *laughs*

EerSports: Ok, so I saw the news about enrolling early. Only one month left - anything you want to do before you go up?

Rawlins: One thing I wanna do is have a really big dinner with all the people who helped me out and been there for me throughout my high school career.

EerSports: And the first thing you want to do when you get to campus?

Rawlins: Sandwich University!!! Enough said.

EerSports: *laughs* Which sandwich are you going to throw up on the first day of conditioning?

Rawlins: That's a tough one. No answer. *laughs*

EerSports: And finally, what do you want to say to the WVU fans?

Rawlins: I don't think I have to tell them anything. We all got one thing in mind for years to come - the National Championship Game.

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