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Cook: Just Another Game

Oklahoma and West Virginia are drastically different this year compared to last – or so each of their respective coaches say. According to safety Darwin Cook, that means neither team has an advantage heading into this weekend.

Cook is well aware of Trevor Knight's abilities.

“They changed both offensively and defensively; we changed both offensively and defensively,” he said. “We watched film. They got one game on us; we got one game on them. So we are just taking what we can.”

Much of the changes have centered around each team breaking in new players. For West Virginia, that resulted in a close game against FCS opponent, William & Mary. Cook says that may actually be beneficial for the Mountaineers.

“Close game was for a reason; the mistakes were for a reason,” he said. “I feel like everything happened the way it’s supposed to happen because we learned from our mistakes and it made us more disciplined.”

Meanwhile, in Norman, new Sooners’ quarterback Trevor Knight threw for three touchdowns and ran for over 100 yards. That outstanding first game for the freshman signal caller was not lost on the senior defensive back.

“I’m old, he’s like a little kid,” Cook said with a laugh. “He’s a good guy. He can throw; he can run. He can do all the things. I guess everybody feels like he’s going to go for 250 yards. We’ll see on Saturday.”

When asked about Knight again, Cook couldn’t help but joke some more.

“350 yards? 400?” he asked sarcastically. “What, is he going to be like Jameis Winston?”

With Knight drawing comparisons to Florida State’s insta-star, Oklahoma rallying with a Stripe the Stadium event, and the game being televised nationally, Cook was asked if a win would mean something special to him and the rest of the Mountaineers.

“Nothing… nothing. We would just be 2-0.”

EerSports' Alissa Hudak contributed to this article.

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