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Coaches' Speak - TCU Week

The theme of West Virginia's season thus far has been inconsistency. At every position, there have been ups and downs this season, whether it be from game to game, quarter to quarter or play by play. The latter has been the case with the Mountaineers' offensive line this season.

Crook says it's frustrating to see how good his o-line can be and then watch it take a step back.

"I think that anytime you have ups and downs as a coach, you’re a little frustrated because you see how good they can be," said offensive line coach Ron Crook. "They show it at times and you want them to be there all the time. It’s always a little bit frustrating."

While it's easy to touch on the "downs," Crook took some time to talk about a couple players that stepped their game up against Kansas State. The first - as was mentioned by Head Coach Dana Holgorsen earlier in the day - was Quinton Spain.

"I think Quinton had his best game that he’s had this year," said Crook. "He played physical; he played tough on just about every snap and it was good to see. Now he has to be consistent with it… hopefully we’ll see that out of him the rest of this season."

The other was center Tyler Orlosky. The redshirt freshman began the year as the starter, but was moved to backup after four games. On Saturday, though, he was called upon to take the majority of the snaps when senior Pat Eger went down with an ankle injury.

"He did a great job and it’s not surprising," said Crook. "The previous two or three games, he played really well. The whole thing with moving Pat (Eger) was a way to get more experienced guys on the field. He’s still been playing and he’s still been playing at a high level. I would say that was probably one of the better games he’s had, though. He really again played physical and he was right with his calls. It was exciting to see him play that way."


"Scoring twelve points isn't going to beat many people. We got to play better."

Those were the words of Offensive Coordinator Shannon Dawson when discussing the offense's performance last week. While the defense put for by the Wildcats was a stumbling block, Dawson felt it had more to do with his own team's mistakes. That's something he'll be focusing on again this week.

"(TCU's Gary Patterson) doesn’t try to trick you. He’s not going to come into the game with a different game plan. He’s run the same stuff for a long time," said Dawson. "It’s the same thing I said last week – it comes down to execution, and we didn’t execute last week, obviously. Everybody saw that. Hopefully we can do a better job this week."

One way Dawson hopes to better attack the opposition is to get the ball to a variety of different skill position players and let them make plays, something he feels West Virginia did not do a good enough job of last week.

"We’re not getting touches at receivers; we’re not spreading the ball around enough," he said. "We have to do a better job of getting more people involved."

The issue at times, of course, is the constant revolving door at quarterback. Changing signal callers on a regular basis throws off timing and disrupts the flow of the offense - but that's not a good excuse for Wide Receivers Coach Lonnie Galloway.

"I try to tell (the wideouts) that no matter the quarterback, if the ball comes your way, you got to make a play," he said. "Wherever it is, no matter who’s throwing."

"If the ball is thrown to you, wherever it is put, I’d like for our guys to catch it."

EerSports' Alissa Hudak contributed to this article

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