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Big12 Coaches in Awe of Austin

Fans, writers, recruits and fellow players from across the nation made it very clear their feelings on what Tavon Austin had accomplished on Saturday night after his 572 all-purpose yard performance. On Monday, the Big 12 coaches took a moment to evaluate what exactly happened, including Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops.

Austin had 572 all-purpose yards on Saturday night, shattering the old Big12 record.

“He’s an exceptional athlete. He hasn’t been back there hardly at all before and he made a lot of plays; made us miss him,” said Stoops this morning. “Some of its missed tackles, some of its (that) he’s capable of making you miss tackles, because the other running backs that were in there didn’t have nearly the success that he did, running a lot of the same plays.”

The Sooners ultimately came out on top due to a lack of defense and poor special teams, but Austin’s record-setting performance was so remarkable that even Kansas Head Coach Charlie Weis took notice, despite not playing the Mountaineers for two more weeks.

“The kid’s already had a hundred catches on the year and now they put him back there and he rushes for over 300 yards against arguably one of the better defenses, especially against the run, that you can go against,” said Weis. “Throw in the fact that he returns punts and returns kickoffs (and) I don’t think No. 1 is going to be my favorite number on the day that we play.”

Before West Virginia takes on the Jayhawks at home for Senior Night, though, they must travel to Ames, Iowa to take on the Cyclones.

Iowa State Head Coach Paul Rhoads had a similar sentiment about Austin’s performance.

“You don’t do that against the University of Oklahoma,” said Rhoads. “You just don’t do that. He’s a very, very special player.”

In fact, Rhoads says when he went back to watch the tape, Austin was so “special,” that the former Pitt defensive coordinator and his staff lost their appetite.

“We started looking at the score first, then the stats and all that, and tried to figure it out,” Rhoads recalled this morning. “When we got back and put the tape on and saw where he was lined and how he was gaining all those yards, then soon after that, we, uh, we vomited.”

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