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A "Business Trip" to Mexico

Cancun is known as one of the biggest party scenes on the planet, full of beaches, bars and bikinis. Thousands of travelers every year come from all over the world just to relax and unwind.

Henderson and his teammates are referring to Cancun as "a business trip."

For West Virginia, who travels to Playa del Carmen for the remainder of the Cancun Challenge this week, this trip is all about basketball.

"We’re going down there and looking at it as a business trip," said sophomore guard Terry Henderson. "We’re not really looking at it to have fun. We’re going down there to win a championship. We know it’s going to be tough."

The Mountaineers open play against Old Dominion on Tuesday against Old Dominion. They will follow that with a game on Wednesday, the opponent dependent on the outcome of Tuesday's games, although it will be either Wisconsin or St. Louis.

Both the Badgers and Billkens would be a step up in competition from what West Virginia has faced so far this season - and that's a welcome change for some of the players, particularly junior point guard Juwan Staten.

"We definitely know that we have a lot of competition that we’ll be playing against down there and that’s something we’ve been preparing for, something that we’re ready for," said Staten. "We’ve had a couple teams now that we’ve blown out, so this will definitely let us know where we stand."

Although the schedule makers have set aside a day free of games and activities for teams to enjoy the beach, head coach Bob Huggins says that Staten and his teammates are not concerning themselves with that - a welcome change from years past.

"They’re in there talking about what they need to bring and Staten says, 'listen, everybody understand, this is a business trip. This isn’t a vacation; it’s a business trip,'” said Huggins after Saturday's game.

"We haven’t had that in a while."

West Virginia opens with Old Dominion at 6:00PM ET on Tuesday, and will play at either 7:00PM or 9:30PM on Wednesday against St. Louis or Wisconsin. Both games will be televised on the CBS Sports Network.

EerSports' Alissa Hudak contributed to this article.

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