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2014 Class Poised to Contribute

After a rough season in Morgantown, the Mountaineer football staff finally had something to smile about. This year’s recruiting class was highlighted with players such as Dravon Henry, William Crest, and Donte Thomas-Williams, but the depth is something that could pay dividends for this class.

Galloway will be looking for the new freshmen to contribute right away.

Brian Mitchell, cornerbacks coach, was asked if these players can come in and contribute right away and said, “Why not. We’ve recruited them specifically for a reason, especially the junior college players, and Dravon. We’re gonna play the best players and that’s the beauty of what Coach Gibson and I do, we’re not bias towards upper class players, we’re bias towards good athletes.”

Good athletes are something that this team will need as they enter their third season in the Big 12. Last year the depth of this team was tested as players went down week after week. On the importance of the athletes being versatile Coach Mitchell said, “It means you can ask more of them, not only the guys that are coming in are gonna bring something to the table, but the guys we had last year that were exposed to a lot of different situations; playing multiple positions, and having to learn multiple positions. I think it’s gonna pay dividends for us.”

That mentality is something wide receivers coach, Lonnie Galloway agrees with. He said on his receivers, “I’ll play you if you work, if you don’t work, you’re not gonna play.”

One man who every Moutaineer fan will be waiting to watch play is running back, Donte Thomas-Williams. “He’s a grown man. He’s 6’1, 220 pounds,” Galloway added, “His smile lights up the room, he’s a great kid, great mother, great coaching staff down there at Hillside.”

Running back is one of the deeper positions on WVU’s roster and Williams will come in and help from day one.

“He’s the first kid down on the kickoff team. How many four star running backs you know that want to do that? And he wants to do that. It’s one of those things, where he’ll put a lot of things before how many carries he gets because most running backs of his caliber they want to just run the ball.”

Williams will have to share the ball with the plethora of skill position players for Coach Holgerson’s offense. Another weapon is Lamar Parker, a 5’9 receiver from Miami, Florida. “He’s quick, he’s fast, he can play the slot, he can do a lot of things for us,” said Galloway. It will be tough for Parker to see the field his freshman year due to the veteran receivers on the roster coming back this upcoming fall.

Galloway on the state of the returning receivers, “They're not trying to learn the offense, they're not trying to learn me, now its gets into the part where we’re trying to clean up stuff. We’ll watch cut-ups and get into detail, technique and how people are trying to play you.”

The upcoming season for WVU is slowly approaching, and all of the newly signed recruits will need to learn and grow fast to compete in the Big 12. “I’m excited about these kids because the substance is what we were looking for. The clay is there and now we just need to develop it, and make sure we get it going in the right direction,” said Coach Mitchell.

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